Partial class

Container for data describing a sinusoidal partial.

This can store:

  • Real frequency and amplitude values
  • Frequency and amplitude ratios to the fundamental partial's frequency and amplitude
  • A value representing the partial's contribution to the dissonance of a sound, interval, or chord
  • The partial's mute status

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

Partial (float newFreq, float newAmp) noexcept
Creates a Partial object and initializes it with frequency and amplitude values.
Partial (const Partial& otherPartial)
Creates a Partial object and initializes it with the frequency and amplitude values of another Partial.
Partial ()
Creates an empty Partial object.

Public functions

auto operator= (const Partial& otherPartial) -> Partial& noexcept
Copies the frequency and amplitude another partial.


auto operator< (const Partial& first, const Partial& second) -> bool noexcept
Enables sorting using Array.sort()